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I believe that some of the individuals and currents within the Palestinian movement compromise it in one way or another. Surprisingly, some of the unsavoury characters named on this page have got upset at being placed in one another's company here and have sent me litigiously-worded letters. Consequently, they all now have their own pages and it should not be assumed that any of the names below is associated with any of the others unless this is explicitly stated.

Please read what I say about each individual, and more importantly read what they themselves have said, to decide for yourself what you think of their politics, practices and associates. If you have suggestions for additions, updates or corrections on this page, please send me details and I will check it out.

For further information about specific individuals try doing a search on the Searchlight site.

Sites I no longer link to

I have removed my links to the following websites. Thanks to those who brought them to my attention.

Combating Holocaust denial

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