Paul Eisen

  • Paul Eisen Eisen is one of the directors of Deir Yassin Remembered.

    In August 2006 Israel Shamir circulated an article by Eisen to his "Shamireaders" e-list, entitled "Ben Gurion, a Jew". Writing mainly about pre-revolutionary and revolutionary Russia, he says:

    "And anyway, why were Jews so valued by oppressors as agents of the oppression? Was it not because, with that age-old, and now inbuilt contempt for the host population, Jews were eminently suitable for such a task?"

    He continues:

    "And I can also see how, like the bailiffs, middle-men, tax-farmers and tavern-keepers, the Jews were temperamentally suited to oppress their Russian neighbours."

    He clearly doesn't like Marxists and blames the Jews for the Russian revolution. A well-worn theme.

    In another of Eisen's essays, "The Holocaust Wars" is a passionate defence of Ernst Zundel who has "battled the Holocaust establishment" for decades and was deported from Canada to Germany in March 2005 to face charges of holocaust denial. Eisen goes into a long revisionist rant. A sample:

    "True, there was little hard evidence, but what there was could so easily be made to fit. After all, everyone knew that the Germans had engaged in purposeful mass extermination of Jews therefore 'special treatment' and 'deportation to the East' must be euphemisms for extermination, and any sealed chamber attached to a crematorium especially if used for disinfestations by gas, must have been a homicidal gas chamber."

    The essay is on Israel Shamir's website - no surprises there.

    Eisen's conclusion is "Although they will never say so, Palestinians must know that they are not just facing the might of the Israeli state but also the power of organized world Jewry and its primary arm, the Holocaust. Perhaps Palestinians should consider lobbing a few stones in that direction. Perhaps we all should."

    No, Paul, perhaps the Palestinians are doing better without your assistance and we should all instead consider lobbing a few stones at revisionist attempts to hijack their cause.

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