Israel Shamir

This individual, whose writings are widely admired in some pro-Palestinian circles, circulated a message from Martin Webster on his "shamireaders" e-list. Yours Truly got a copy of this via a complicated e-mail chain, and pointed out to the friend who forwarded it that this man was a Nazi. (I wrongly said he was now a leading light in the BNP - apparently he never joined anything else after being kicked out of the NF in the 1980s, I was mixing him up with the late unlamented John Tyndall). My message got forwarded back to Shamir, who in turn sent it - complete with my work contact details - to Webster, who was swift to e-mail me to correct my inaccuracies about his political affiliations and sent me a long account of how the BNP wasn't racist enough for him. Shamir has refused to apologise for forwarding my details to a known nazi, and describes his e-list as "the meeting point of the left and the right against Zionism". More evidence against Shamir:

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