10:00 - 31 March 2005

A Swansea student is facing disciplinary action from the university as the fallout over the mystery suspension of a lecturer there continues. The action taken against long- serving philosophy lecturer Colwyn Williamson earlier this month has led to the cancellation of some classes.

And some students are calling for the resignation of their vice-chancellor Richard Davies as a result of the suspension, which officials are not commenting on.

Students held a protest march to Singleton Abbey where inside a meeting of the senate was taking place.

And an accusation levelled at the meeting by a student member has led to him facing disciplinary action.

Jonny Jones, aged 25 and who is studying for a masters degree in international relations, is facing action over a comment he made across the room to Mr Davies, who chaired the meeting.

Mr Jones and colleagues had previously gone to see him to get some answers about the Colwyn Williamson affair, including what alternative provisions had been put in place for students.

"We were kept waiting for an hour and then the pro-vice chancellor Rhys Williams came out and said he could not discuss the issue," he said.

"A lot of people were annoyed."

He sat on the senate meeting as a Students' Union postgraduate representative.

"They closed the curtains so the protesters could not be seen," said Mr Jones.

Then, according to him, Mr Davies disbanded the meeting after a minute because of the current protest and issues which arose from last year's students' protests against cuts.

"I put my hand up but he would not allow me to speak," said Mr Jones. "He disbanded the meeting after a minute.

"I called him a coward because he would not listen to what I had to say."

Mr Jones accused the vice-chancellor of then behaving in an unbalanced manner and said he got a colleague to take down his details.

A letter was later sent to him accusing him of disorderly and offensive behaviour.

Mr Jones said he was given seven working days to respond but he will not be doing so as things stand.

"The letter was far too vague and I need to know the specific allegations," he said.

A university spokeswoman said: "The university would not comment on any individual student disciplinary issue."

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