Sue Blackwell's Links
on Palestine and Israel

If you have an interesting Middle Eastern link for this site do please send it to me. As I have pointed out to my detractors, I do not include links to sites which promote racism, terrorism or Holocaust denial. This has always been my policy and applies to all my 200+ web pages, not just this one.

The links below are organised into general themes.

Twinning with Palestine

This is a new section which I hope will expand rapidly.

Lebanon Links

This is a new section.

Lesbian and Gay rights; Women's rights

Please note: my policy here is to include links to Palestinian and Arab LGBT organisations, and also to non-Palestinian LGBT organisations which prominently support Palestinian rights. I don't see it as my role to promote Israeli LGBT groups unless they fall into that category. Nor am I linking to Outrage! because although they raise legitimate concerns, they equate human rights abuses by the Palestinian Authority with those of the Israeli government and I don't think there is any comparison (they are opposing the boycott of Jerusalem Pride which I have endorsed). I defend their right to turn up at PSC demos but I do wish they would bring banners with better slogans.

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Films and music


Things to boycott

General / Miscellaneous

Lev Leviev (new section)




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