From Sat Nov 02 15:15:07 2002

the board of deputies.

i am disguted by the comments made by the board, directed at my university personal tutor sue blackwell.

i am jewish and over the last 2 years have had many disscussions with sue about the middle east and israel. i have always found her well informed and with a strong will for social justice. it is also worth pointing out that she is a leading anti racist and anti-nazi league campainer on campus.

i have visited her website and found no offence whatsoever.

the board needs to recognize the rights of people to critise and protest against israel. there is nothing wrong with this and it is vital that we have political fredom to express our views, whatever they are. it is wrong therefore for the board to use its influence to attempt to silence the critics of israel with outrageous suggestions of racism.

i am proud to have sue as my personal tutor and deeply ashamed by the actions and attitues of the board.

robin bagon
(english III birmingham uni)

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