Jewish Chronicle

Friday 18th October 2002

Gaby Wine

COMPLAINTS are being made to Birmingham University over a website set up by an English lecturer which contains strong anti-Israel sentiments. The Board of Deputies has written to the university asking it to remove the link to its site from Sue Blackwell's site. The lecturer's site also links to those of radical Islamic organisations.

A Board spokesperson told the JC: "It is sad that she has allowed herself to become a mouthpiece for recognised anti-Israel groups. We hope that Birmingham will remove this link as a matter of urgency."

Union of Jewish Students fieldworker Adam Golding is also working to have the link removed. "What is most insulting is that it comes under the crest of the university."

He also alleged that at the freshers' fair, "some lecturers were standing with the Friends of Palestine Society, wearing badges saying 'Victory to the Intifada.' It doesn't give Jewish students encouragement."

A university spokeswoman commented: "We suspect that Ms Blackwell's website contravenes guidelines not to cause offence to students of a certain race or religion.

"If this is found to be the case, we will remove it."

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