Message posted to ISB list, 18th October 2002

From: "inayat bunglawala"
Subject: Pro-Israeli Move to Silence Lecturer at B'Ham Uni.
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 10:14:42 +0000

AA all,

As part of a long-running campaign to silence all voices who speak up for the Palestinian people, the Jewish Chronicle today (see below) ran a story about a Birmingham University English lecturer, Sue Blackwell.

Ms Blackwell's website at contains details of some of the suffering of the Palestinian people. The Jewish Chronicle reports of a campaign by British Jews to get her website closed down because it contains "links to those of radical Islamic organisations".

This claim is wholly untrue and is typical of the deception used by the pro-Israel lobby. Actually, Sue Blackwell's site contains very secular material and even a secular critique of Islam!

If you support Ms Blackwell's right to voice her opinions about Palestine without intimidation from the pro-Israel lobby then please contact her at:

Phone: 0121 414 3219

Also call Birmingham University on 0121 414 3344 to register your support for Ms Blackwell.

[full story from Jewish Chronicle]

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