PACBI's letter to EJJP

in response to their Call Upon Israeli Academics:

Dear Executive Committee Members of European Jews for a Just Peace,

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) commends you on your recent Call Upon Israeli Academics to boycott the occupation army by breaking "all academic ties" to it. PACBI has consistently held Israeli academic institutions responsible for prolonging the occupation and other forms of oppression of the Palestinians, not only through silence but also through direct involvement in "academic services" that justify or otherwise promote the crimes committed by the occupation.

We strongly urge you to extrapolate your Call to reach the logical next step: calling upon Israeli academics to conscientiously object to service in the occupation army. As you know, most Israeli academics do serve in the reserve forces, thereby witnessing in silence or directly participating in Israel's crimes against the civilian Palestinian population.

The collusion of Israel's academic institutions in the violation of international law and basic human rights of Palestinians is multi-faceted and entrenched. In view of that, we attach significant importance to calls like yours intended to tackle crucial aspects of this complicity.

Kind regards,


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